Meet Our Dealers

Welcome to our Dealers Page.  The General Store Antique Mall in Kewaskum hosts nearly 100 antique dealers, and we’re still growing!

Check out some of the items available at the Antique Mall below:

253 Deals in advertisement pieces, political memorabilia, bottles, and collectibles.
229 Deals in collectibles, glassware, and Elvis memorabilia.
209 Deals in advertisement, collectibles, and beer memorabilia.
190 Deals in cookie jars, glassware, and collectibles.
313 Deals in household décor, furniture, and collectibles.
181 Deals in glassware, linens, and collectibles.
124 Deals in old signs, architectural pieces, and collectibles.
143 Deals in glassware, collectibles, jewelry, books, and pictures.
178 Deals in furniture, crocks, glassware, and collectibles.
197 Deals in old tools, household, glassware, and collectibles.
337 Deals in collectibles, bottles, jars, and pottery.
146 Deals in Redwing dinner ware, pictures, collectibles, and glassware.
161 Deals in furniture, vintage décor, pottery, and unique pieces.
110 Deals in plates, pictures, lamps, and furniture.
108 Deals in fishing, hunting, signs, postcards, and collectibles.
134 Households, dolls, jewelry linens, ties, hats, glassware, pics
95 Vintage clothes + accs
309 Band instruments, models, toys, collectibles, records, and music memorabilia.
202 Deals in collectibles, pictures, repurposed items, and uniquely painted pieces. Also deals in General Finishes and Paints.
152 Deals in collectibles, linens, clothes, and glassware.
164 Deals in old cans, signs, car memorabilia, and man cave stuff.
305/300 Deals in glassware, furniture, hats, and collectibles.
180 Deals in old cans, clock, vases, and household items.
127 Deals in collectibles, old toys, and household.
323 Deals in cameras, bears, linens, glassware, and collectibles.
318 Deals in weather vanes, pottery, jars, lights, collectibles, and furniture.
267/150 Deals in collectibles, books, games, linens, household, and ornaments.
301 Deals in collectibles and furniture.
220/240 Deals in Harley Davidson memorabilia, furniture, collectibles, tins, and linens.
321 Deals in Raggedy Ann + Andy, collectibles, lead figurines, toys, and Santa figurines.
135 Deals in kitchenware, collectibles, and glassware.
187 Deals in model trains and accessories, Packer stuff, and signs.
315 Deals in collectibles, toys, and baseball memorabilia.
222 Deals in Water ford crystal, Hummel’s, china, and collectibles.
306 Deals in comics, baseball cards, collectibles, and glassware.
126 Deals in collectibles, unique pieces, hunting, and furniture.
190 Deals in glassware, cookie jars, and collectibles.
101 Deals in coins.
185 Deals in handmade bears, collectibles, toys, and books.
251 Deals in baseball cards, puzzles, and sports memorabilia.
253 Deals in collectibles and unique treasures.
80 Deals in coins, arrowheads, and collectibles.
228 Deals in collectibles, books, toys, seasonal, and household.
302 Deals in duck decoys, fishing, and hunting stuff.
711 Deals in collectibles, jewelry, and household items.
303 Deals in tins, glassware, and records.
157 Deals in glassware and collectibles.
175 Deals in collectibles and toys.
350 Deals in furniture, vintage cans, signs, collectibles, and tins.
525 Deals in books, cookbooks, and collectibles.
131 Deals in kitchenware and cookbooks.
205 Deals in collectibles and glassware.
189 Deals in jewelry and collectibles.
422 Deals in glassware and dolls.
243 Deals in collectibles and advertisement memorabilia.
326 Deals in vintage money, Harley Davidson memorabilia, and collectibles.
311 Deals in toys, fishing lures, and fountain pens.
727 Deals in coca cola items, collectibles, and vintage tins.
170 Deals in string holders.
350 Deals in jewelry and collectibles.
318 Deals in glassware, collectibles, and lighting rod glass balls.
158 Deals in toys and collectibles.
228 Deals in books, collectibles, and seasonal holiday items.
273 Deals in Redwing and Mc Coy pottery and collectibles.
137 Deals in pictures, glassware, pewter, cookbooks, and jewelry.
102 Specializes in re-purposed merchandise, furniture, advertisement signs, toys, crocks, cans, bottles, and wooden crates.
128 Deals in glassware, crystal, dishes, and collectibles.
221 Deals in glassware, canister sets, decoys, and figurines.
287 Deals in vintage metal tiles, furniture, and collectibles.
311 Deals in kitchen collectibles, glassware, pottery, fishing, hunting, toys, beer glasses, and baseball memorabilia.
111 Deals in enamelware, furniture, linens, vintage bags, and vintage sewing supplies.
330 Deals in furniture, toys, clocks, lamps, metal advertisement signs, and collectibles.
162 Deals in books, clothing, and jewelry.
316 Deals in antique linens, glassware, vases, salt & pepper shakers, hats, hankies, scarfs, jewelry, clothing, and buttons.
5/179 Deals in books, vhs tapes, records, racing pictures, puzzles, and collectibles.
07 Deals in metal advertisement signs, oil cans, toys, pedal cars, advertisement collectibles, and man cave items.
212 Deals in glassware, oil lamps, books, and furniture.
155 Deals in collectibles, glassware, and vintage items.
283 Deals in pottery, glassware, pictures, and books.
218 Deals in glassware, vases, and linens.
242 Deals in collectibles, lamps, fishing reels, toys, and pictures.
290 Deals in vintage clothing, purses, jewelry, furs, hats, glassware, crystals, and collectibles.
261 Deals in toys, decoys, lamps, furniture, glassware, and jewelry.
193 Deals in furniture, coca cola memorabilia, glassware, Fenton pieces, pictures, collectibles, and baskets.
182 Deals in toys, fishing, crocks, lamps, and glassware.
325 Deals in collectibles, toys, jugs, furniture, and kitchenware.
319 Deals in glassware, books, collectibles, and jewelry.
132 Deals in collectibles, glassware, dishes, pictures, and furniture.
109 Deals in glassware, jewelry, lamps, books, collectibles, hats, and fur coats.
189 Deals in collectibles, brassware, books, figurines, and linens.
169 Deals in furniture, benches, dishes, bottles, old windows, books, and collectibles.
320 Deals in glassware, lamps, furniture, linens, pictures, and collectibles.
572 Deals in old furniture, toys, jars, collectibles, and metal cans.